Sierra Polk

Belonging, Equity, Access & Culture ConsultantFOUNDER, BLKGRND BIZBlackground is a talent and recruitment agency.
We help aspiring & existing entrepreneurs scale businesses to create jobs and so much more!

Hello! I'm Sierra

I have led financial automation & business development plans for an e-commerce industry valued today at $358 Billion.I have advised, consulted and supported non-profits and organizations in the Middle of America. My work has helped to secure more than $25 Million in creative project + program funding.I am the Founder of Blackground Business & Talent Agency, based in Bentonville, AR - a global entrepreneurship playground.I'd love to help design and launch programs for your talented community. I look forward to sharing my expertise to help your business grow!

Core AreasYearImpacted State
Talent Retention & Orientation2014 & PriorArkansas & Maryland
Business Development & Finance2015 & 2016Arkansas & Maryland
Talent Acquisition & Acclimation2017Arkansas & Maryland
Membership Experience2018Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, DC
Community & Stakeholder Engagement2019Arkansas & Maryland
Digital Directing & Distribution2020 & BeyondAcross the US

Contact me if you're looking for a speaker / lead facilitator for your business program, or would like to secure show + activation support for your retail, e-commerce or trade events.


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